Frequently asked questions SMART PRO

How can I charge the SMART PRO?

Each SMART PRO includes a specific USB charger. If you need more information on how to charge your SMART PRO, you have our tutorials at your disposal: [link to videos]

How can I link the SMART PRO with my phone?

  1. Charge the SMART PRO with the USB charger (included).
  2. Download the Viceroy Smart Pro app from the App Store or Google Play.
  3. Connect your watch to your mobile device.
  4. 4.Start using your Viceroy Smart Pro.

If you have questions, check out our tutorials: [link to videos]

I am having trouble connecting my SMART PRO, what can I do?

  • Make sure you have the app installed and that the SMART PRO is linked to your mobile phone.
  • Activate the application permissions on your mobile.
  • In case you are using an Android phone, you must keep the application active in the background.
  • Update the application in case you don't have the latest version installed.

If you continue to have problems connecting your SMART PRO, contact our technical service from Monday to Friday via WhatsApp (683466754) or email (

I do not receive notifications on my SMART PRO

Make sure you have notifications activated in the application since SMART PRO will only receive the notifications that you have activated in the notification bar of your mobile. In the case of Android phones, you must have the application overlay activated so that the application can work in the background.

The SMART PRO is causing me skin irritations, what should I do?

Any dirt left on the case or bracelet can cause skin discomfort. The watch bracelet easily gets dirty with dust and perspiration due to being in direct contact with the skin, even a stainless or gold plated bracelet can rust if it is not cleaned for a long period of time. Metal watch straps are usually washed with a brush and soapy water and dried with a soft, absorbent cloth to remove any remaining water. When washing the bracelet take care that water does not enter the watch.

Can I use SMART PRO if I have implanted medical systems?

Yes, but we recommend that you follow the instructions below:

  • Consult your doctor before using a heart rate monitor.
  • Keep the device more than 20 centimeters from any medical system when it is activated.
  • Avoid carrying the device in your chest pockets.
  • Use the wrist opposite the part of the body where the medical system is implanted in order to minimize possible radio frequency interference.
  • Do not wear the device in case you notice interference.

Health measurements (heart rate, blood oxygen, etc.) are not updated

Check the SMART PRO sensors and check that they do not have plastic protectors or dirt that could limit their operation.

Can the SMART PRO replace a medical measuring device?

No. SMART PRO, as well as the included software, is not a medical product and is intended to be used only for regular physical exercise. It is not designed or intended to diagnose disease or other conditions, nor to cure, alleviate, or prevent disease. Always seek qualified professional medical advice before making any changes to your exercise, rest and eating habits.

Do I need to carry my mobile when I go out to exercise for SMART PRO to work?

No. It is not necessary to carry the mobile. Keep in mind that the data that SMART PRO collects during your sports practice will not be lost as it will be downloaded to the mobile as soon as the smartwatch is synchronized with the application.

Is it possible to answer calls from my SMART PRO?

Depending on model. See the technical characteristics of each model.

Can I read Whatsapps and answered them from my SMART PRO?

You can read whatsapps from SMART PRO but not answer them.

Can I swim with my SMART PRO?

Your device has indicated the degree of protection that guarantees the tightness of the product against dust and water. However, this water resistance does not apply to salt water, only fresh water. If it comes into contact with salt water, there is a serious risk of corrosion. Also avoid hot showers and baths, as water vapor can damage the machinery inside your SMART PRO. We recommend that you periodically check the tightness of your watch to maintain its waterproofness at an official dealer.

What is the validity period of the guarantee?

Your SMART PRO has the guarantee of Grupo Munreco, S.L. against manufacturing and material defects for a period of 2 years from the date of purchase, in accordance with the terms and conditions contained in the International Warranty Certificate. For the application of the same, the presentation of the original International Guarantee Certificate (no photocopies will be valid) dated, correct and completely completed and stamped by an Official Viceroy Dealer, together with the original receipt, ticket or invoice of the purchase will be necessary.

What factors are excluded from the guarantee?

  • Wear, tear and ageing due to normal use (e.g. scratched glass, changes to the colour of metallic, leather, fabric and rubber straps, wear and tear to metallic strap plating etc.).
  • Any damage to any part of the watch due to improper or abusive use, a lack of care, negligence or accidents (knocks, dents, broken glass etc.), incorrect use of the watch or failure to follow the instructions for use provided by Viceroy.
  • A watch handled by Technical Services not part of Viceroy or unauthorised staff, or one whose original condition has been altered beyond the control of Viceroy.
  • Defects or damage caused by using unauthorised products, including accessories, software and any other peripheral device. In the same way, those products not obtained in an establishment approved by the Munreco Group are excluded from the warranty.
  • Damage caused by a fire or natural disaster.
  • The warranty does not cover software built into the device. Consult the licence agreement accompanying the software and the conditions of use for the services for information about your rights with regard to using said services.

How should I recycle my SMART PRO?

The recycling symbol accompanying this device shows that all electronic or electrical products must be collected separately at the end of their service life. Do not dispose of these products as household waste without being sorted. When returning products to be collected, contribute to avoiding uncontrolled waste disposal and reusing material resources. Correctly disposing of electrical and electronic apparatus guarantees appropriate recycling and reuse, which help to avoid harm to the environment and health. Batteries must not be mixed with household waste either and must be deposited in containers suitable for such a purpose. With regards to the packaging, this must be disposed of in accordance with local legislation.

I have technical problems with my SMART NOW. What I can do?

Contact our technical service from Monday to Friday via WhatsApp (683466754) or email (